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(Guelder Rose)
Mo Ghruagach Dhonn
Hi ho ro, mo ghruagach dhonn,
S ann ort fhin a dhfhs an loinn:
Dhfhg siud acaid na mo chom,
An gaol cho trom s a ghabh mi ort.

Fhuair mi do litir Dimirt,
Dhinnseadh dhmhsa mar a bha:
Gu robh thu a tighinn gun dil
A-mach air bta Ghlaschu.

Nuair a leugh mi mar a bha,
Ghabh mi sos am Brumal:
Chunnaic mi a tighinn am bt
S an t‑illeagan, an ainnir, innt.


Nuair a shn mi mach mo lmh,
Thionndaidh thu le fiamh a ghir
S labhair thu facal no dh
Dhfhg iomadh trth gun chadal mi.

S ann ort fhin tha ghruag a fs ‑
Cha dubh s cha ruadh is cha bhn,
Ach mar an t-r as ille snuadh,
Gu buidhe, dualach, camalagach.

Dhanainn sgrobhadh dhut le peannt,
Dhanainn treabhadh dhut le crann,
Dhanainn sgiobair dhut air luing,
Air nighean donn nam meall-shilean.

Meir is grinn thu air an t-snth
No cur peannt air pipear bn,
Ach ma chaidh thu null thar sil
DhAstrilia, mo bheannachd leat.

Cha bhi mi tuilleadh fo len,
Glacaidh mi t r air spig ‑
Solamh bu ghlice bha be,
Bha aige mran leannanan


This song is sung by Julie Fowlis on her

great album Cuilidh

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My Brown-haired Lass
Hi ho ro, my brown-haired lass,
whose beauty becomes more beguiling.
The deep love I have for you
has left me sorely wounded.

Your letter arrived on Tuesday
Telling of what was to be.
It told that your ship would arrive
in Glasgow without delay.
When I read this,
I immediately headed for the Broomielaw.
I saw the ship carrying the jewel,
the maiden, approach.

When I held out my hand
you turned  with a slight smile and
uttered a couple of words
which left me sleepless many nights

You have the lovliest hair,
neither black, nor red nor fair,
but the colour of the most beautiful gold,
yellow, braided and curled. 

I would write for you with a pen.
I would cultivate  for you with a plough.
I would captain a ship for you,
brown haired lass of the deceiving eyes.

You are skilled at working wool
and at writing on blank paper.
But if you have gone overseas, to Australia,
goodbye to you.

I will no longer be in despair.
Ill grab a new one by the hand.
Solomon, the wisest man who lived,
had many sweethearts.

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