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Why Did the Haggis Cross the Road? - hilarious Scottish jokes.


A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt - witty Scottish proverbs.

A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

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 Glaswegian words beginning : V
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
Velcro Virgin A girl who will 'go' with almost anyone. [smm] Yon Mary Maloney frae Maryhill is a right velcro virgin - she hus a new guy every single night.

Slut in a kilt . . .

Vino Collapso Cheap wine Getting drunk on cheap wine

Getting drunk on cheap wine

Vodies or Voddy

Vodkas Gies two vodied fur ma burd.

Give me two glasses of vodka and in exchange you can have my girlfriend.

There's nae ither words startin' wae V - okay! Want tae make somethin' o' it?

From A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

by Stuart McLean

The Kilt

The kilt is the National dress . . . of the Scottish wedding.

Taking Viagra while wearing the kilt is a sure-fire way of getting arrested for indecent behaviour.

A washed kilt is like a broken leg, you canít do a fling with it.

It's easier to let your 'wind blow free' when youíre wearing a kilt.

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low, through the streets in my kilt Iíll streak.


A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

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Velcro Virgin

Vino Collapso

Vodies or Voddy


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