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 Glaswegian words beginning : R
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
Ra The Ah'm away tae ra pub.
Rasputin it aboot Having affairs with a lot of people. [smm] Big Jock's jist found oot thit his wife is rasputin it aboot.
Rag - lose the Lose the rag is to lose your temper. Dinnae lose the rag wae me - it's no' ma fault yer birds sleeping wae yer faither.
Rammie / Rammy Square go, Fight. Right, jist you and me behind the bike shed fur a rammie.

My mates are waiting behind the bike sheds to give you a good doing.

Randan (eg Go on the randan) Drinking binge Let's go oot on the randan!

Shall we take a trip to our local hostelry and participate in their hospitality until all our body parts, apart from our mouths, cease to function.

Rank, Rank Rotten Smells or tastes bad That's pure rank so it is.

This Guinness tastes like weasel piss that's six months past its sell by date - get another round in.

Rare Exceptionally good. (Often pronounced rerr) This is a rare wee whisky ye've found.

Aye - it's a 1953 single malt frae Islay - it's very rare.

So it's a rare rare wee whisky then!

Rat That Whit ur ye daein' wae rat rat.

Are you carrying out a scientific experiment with that rat or are you just going to eat it?

Rat Arsed Drunk

Rat Arsed
As drinking is a favourite pastime there are many terms for ‘being drunk’ in Ned speak. Rat-arsed, blootered, charred, stoshus, dunted, steamin, oot yer face, rubber, blazin, stoavin, steamboats, buzzin, ful eh it, bongoed, mad wae it, mutted, are just a few.
[From Ned Speak by Stuart McLean]

Drunk Girl in Mud

Drunk Girls in Mud

Rattle To give something a sharp blow.  
Rattle yer cage To become upset Whit's rattled his cage?

Och he's jist discovered thit awe the uncles thit keep visitin' his maw urnae really his uncles.

Ravelin' Confusing  
Redd-up Tidy up  
Reiver Cattle Stealer

During Medieval times (13th - mid 17th Century) there was constant war between Scotland and England. The people around the Borders were badly affected - with crops being destroyed and their livestock stolen.

Reiving, raiding for cattle and sheep,  was the only way for Borers people to survive and it became an established way of life, a profession, which was regarded with no discredit amongst the Borderers

Read More about Reivers:

Border Reivers


Reek Smell Lang may yer lum reek!
Wi' ither folks coal!

Long may your chimney smoke!
With other people's coal!

Reekin Smelling / Stinking  
Rerr Rare / very good  
Riddy Being embarrassed, going red in the face Red Faced Girl . . .

Rift A burp  
Rigoot                        Outfit  
Rin Run  
Rinoo Right now  
Rocket Daft Person  
Rockies Rockport boots  
Roon Round  
Roond Round  
Rubber Really drunk or full of drugs  
Rubbery Gub Big Mouth  
Ruggin' Tugging Ruggin' the Rope (Tug of War)

Rummle To upset or jostle.  

From A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

by Stuart McLean


Bagpipes - an octopus wearing a kilt.

The bagpipes are the best way to terrorise the neighbours without the inconvenience of getting an ASBO.

There’s nae difference between a bagpipe and an onion, except nobody cries when they chop up a bagpipe.

The bagpipes and a squealing pig have much in common – the difference is that the pig has a purpose.

Give the piper a penny to play and two pence to bugger off.

If you want a woman who can give a great blow-job choose one that plays the bagpipes.

If the bagpipe doesn’t kill you with its tentacles it will kill you with its screech.


A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

Scottish / Glaswegian Word List - click for more details:


Rasputin it aboot

Rag - lose the

Rammie or Rammy

Randan (eg Go on the randan)

Rank, Rank Rotten



Rat Arsed


Rattle yer cage

















Rubbery Gub




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