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 Glaswegian words beginning : P
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
Pad aboot walk around  
Paddy's Market An open air market in the Briggait area of Glasgow's city centre. Paddy's Market has seen generations of families running stalls underneath the railway arches, selling anything from stolen sannnies to dodgy viagra. The market closed in May 2009. Paddy's Market Glasgow

Paddy's Market Glasgow

Paddy Wagon Police riot van  
Pal Friend  
Pan Break  
Pan breid or Pan loaf A loaf with a crusty covering / Dead Ah've jist goat a text message - ma faither is pan bread.

Oh my God - I've just found out that my father is either dead or has been turned into a crusty bread.

Paps Breasts, from Gaelic as in the Paps of Jura  
Paradise Celtic Park - where Scottish Football team Celtic play. Celtic Park Glasgow

Paralytic Stone cold drunk. Ah wiz paralytic and all Ah hud was twelve pints o heavy and a few vodies.
Parkie or Perkie Park-Keeper. This reflects back to those days of yore when we actually had park keepers.  
Pat and Mick,The On the 'Sick' (off work) Ah'm oan the Pat and Mick the day.

I was out drinking all night and now can't be arsed going to work.

Patter  Humorous chat / funny stories Ah jist love listening tae all his patter aboot the days o' heavy drinking and wild wumen.

Aye - fur a priest he's no' a bad lad.

Paukit Very small Bridget the Midget

Bridget the Midget girl

Peallagan Young heather, used on the Islay for weaving door mats.  
Pearl diver Fiver, Five pounds Scottish five pound note

scottish five pounds

Peely Wally A sickly shade of white Yer looking awfy peely wally the day Robert.

Aye - I wiz up tae midnight drinking beer and whisky - and you know staying up late alwiz makes me a wee bit wabbit.

Pee-the-Bed A viscous type of Scottish dandelion which, should you have the misfortune to touch, will make you wet the bed for months afterwards.  
Pefter-efter To desire something so badly that you will do anything to get it. Ah really pefter-efter a dod o' Gorgonzola cheese so Ah dae.

I have just gone out of my mind.

Peg To have sexual intercourse  
Pelter Panic.

To give pelters is to humiliate someone.

Pelting Raining heavily. It's fair pelting down theday.

Gosh is it summer already!!

Pennie Apron  
Perr Pair (That's a rerr perr o jeans.)  
Pettit lip Quivering lip that show person is sulking.

Ye neednae put oan thon pettet lip yer getting nae mair chips.

No matter how much you sulk there's no more food for you.


Peevers or Peever A kids street game - otherwise known as hopscotch.

Hopscotch: A children's game in which players toss a small object into the numbered spaces of a pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to retrieve the object.

Try doing that on your Xbox!

Hopscotch - Peever

Hopscotch - Peever

Picts The Picts were a confederation of tribes living in what was later to become eastern and northern Scotland from before the Roman conquest of Britain until the 10th century. They lived to the north of the Forth and Clyde rivers, and spoke the extinct Pictish language, thought to have been related to the Brythonic languages spoken by the Britons to the south.

Many place names in Scotland are derived from those Pictish times: Pitlochry Pitmedden, Pittodrie etc

Picts Rule
The Picts ruled for hundreds o’ years,
But sae soon they were forgotten,
A lot o’ people don’t give a damn,
But Ah think it’s blinkin’ rotten.
Yet they’re never quite oot ma mind,
And never oot ma soul,
For a think o’ them when e’er I go,
Tae Pitlochry, Pitcur or Pit-on-Mair-Coal.

[From No' Rabbie Burns by Stuart McLean]


Fairytale House in Pitlochry

Fairytale House in Pitlochry

Piece                          Sandwich  
Piece poke Traditionally this was the bag that contained your 'lunch' - the term has now been modernised to 'piece tupperwear'  
Piper A person who has no musical talent and no friends. A typical Scottish Piper with bagpipes and snake

Pish To urinated / Something that's not good  
Pish Pundit Bookmaker  
Pished                     Drunk  
Pit Put  
Pit A big hole in the ground that 'workers' risked their lives in to obtain coal. In 1984 Abbadon Thatcher decided to close all pits so that the workers could concentrate on being miserable. Where dae ye pit a pit in Pitlochry?


A Pictish conundrum.

Plaid Blanket

A plaid or full plaid is a pleated cloth worn with the modern kilt, made from the same tartan and worn cast over the shoulder and fastened at the front.

Plank                     To hide something  
Playpiece Snack that children take to school - in Scotland this consists of a healthy selection of crisps, deep-fried Mars Bars, chocolate coated haggis, soggy chips left over from the previous night's dinner and a large can of Irn-Bru.  
Plook or Pluke Facial spot / Acne Squeezing a pluke makes it angrier . . .

acne pluke face spots

Pluck Parts of a sheep that are used in haggis; sheep heart, liver and lungs.
Dinner . . .

sheep heart

Plug To stab someone  
Plunged Stabbed  


To stay off school - play truant.

Are you plunking it this efternoon?

Naw - Ah've git a double period o' Science.

Ah didnae know you liked science.

Ah don't but Maggie Smith's in ma science class and Ah fancy her something rotten.

Poaket Money Weekly allowance a child is given  
Pochle To obtain something by cheating or fiddling.  
Poke Paper bag  
Pokey hat     Ice Cream Cone fat girl ice cream cone pokey hat
Pollis Police But what's this I see, ochone for me
It's a vision to make your blood freeze.
It's the pollis afloat in a dirty big boat
And they're shouting: "Time, gentlemen, please!"

Extract from "Campbeltown Loch" by Andy Stewart.

Porridge A stint in prison.  
Porridge A punishment of a breakfast meal. He's doing porridge but he says the worst bit is havin' tae eat porridge fur breakfast.
Prick Someone not liked  
Puff Hash  
Puggled Out of breath / Exhausted Exhausted Girl - after a whole 3 minutes work.

Exhausted Girl Tired Out

Puggy                        Fruit machine / pinball Pinball Girl

Pinball Girl

Puke Vomit / Be sick  



Right - who jist pumped?

It wisnae me - honest.

Punter Although the term for a gambler it is used in Glasgow as a term for just about anyone. Particularly used when referring to someone you consider to be of low standing. Yon wee punter over there looks like the back end o' a bus.

Shugie, Ah wish you wouldnae talk about ma maw like that.

Punt-up or Puntie-up To help someone climb over something - either by pushing them by the bum or letting them use your clasped hands as a step.  
Pure Very, pure dead good  
Pushion Poison Ae man's meat is anither man's pushion.

Warning: May contain nuts.
[From A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up the Kilt]

Puss Face - Usually only used in the expression 'Shut your puss' meaning shutup.  

From Ned Speak

by Stuart McLean

absent noun
The Ned word for ‘father’. When a Nedette conceives it is reasonable to assume that at least one member of the opposite sex was present. However, by the time the Nedling arrives, the father’s identity has long since been forgotten or paternity suit contested. Young Neds grow up fantasizing that their paw is a mass murderer or mafia hit man who will one day come to take them away from their abject squalor.

inane noun
Neds maintain a fairly simple philosophy on existence:
“I think I am a fuck-wit therefore I am.”


Ned Speak - Learn  the lingo of the Scottish Ned

glasgow slang words


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Plook or Pluke





Poaket Money



Pokey hat    











Punt-up or Puntie-up





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