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 Glaswegian words beginning : O
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
O' Off / Oh  
Oan On /Own  
Offies Off-sales  
Offy Awfully  
Old Firm Name for Rangers and Celtic football clubs. Rangers Celtic Football clubs

Rangers Celtic Football clubs



Ba Ba Black sheep huv ye ony milk?

Yes sir, yes sir and a fleece made o' silk.

I am a poet that has never been out of the city.

On the panel To be off sick from work - having first obtained a certificate from the doctor to show that you are unfit for work. Boys on the Sick

Boys on the Sick

Ony or Olny Only Ye cannae jail me fur kicking yer dug intae the Nollie - Ah'm ony ten.

Ha ha Mister - I kicked your dumb dog into the Forth and Clyde Canal and because of my age you are unable to seek retribution through the legal system.

Oor Our  
'oor Hour  
Oor bit The area where we live  
Oose Dustball (See NHS cleaning policy)  
Oot Out  
Ootside Outside  
Ooyah An exclamation of annoyance or pain.  
Oranoochie Stew made from road kill.

The Down-and-outs of Glasgow have been very inventive in their ability to recycle waste found in bins and dead animals found along the roadside. In his book, "Proper Popper Cuisine", Stuart McLean documents the many recipes that have become the staple diet of the discerning tramp. Made with any dead animal - from frog to fox - Oranoochie is a great favourite for the homeless in Glasgow.

road kill dead frog Oranoochie

Our bit The area where we live  
Ower Over  

From No Rabbie Burns

by Stuart McLean

Owed to a Bank Manager

Owed tae a bank manager,
Owed tae a bank manager;
Fifty thousand pounds,
Owed tae a bank manager!

I met a fine lass frae Govan Toon,
An’ we fell in love by the light of the moon,
But noo we sing tae a different tune,
With oor Mortgage Endowment Policy Shortfall.

We bought a wee flat in the prosperous West End,
Money nae problem – banks sae keen tae lend,
Hand shakes and words like a well kent friend,
But now the bank manager wants tae evict us.

We made our repayments twelve times a year,
Skimping like Hell on clothes and on beer,
Expecting the endowment oor mortgage tae clear,
Then came the letter wae a warning in red.

The letter is said, ‘gee thanks a lot’,
Your payments were good but our promise was not,
And sadly we tell ye whit a huge debt ye’ve got,
So an appointment wis made wae oor friend at the bank.

With scowl on his face he took wan look at us,
Checked through his books and started tae cuss,
Demanded we pay up without any fuss,
Or else get the Hell oot of oor hoose.

So now we’re near eighty and workin’ away,
The mortgage plus interest still tryin’ tae pay,
And I’m sure that debt free we’ll be one day,
Unless we die frae the strain of our labours


No Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns Scottish Poet Books

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Old Firm


On the panel

Ony or Olny



Oor bit






Our bit



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