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 Glaswegian words beginning : N
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
Nae, Naw No

no yes

Nae bother No problem Aye nae bother love Ah'll put the rubbish oot as soon as Ah can.

No chance! Me lower myself to doing woman's work! Never!

Naebody or Naebdy Nobody Diz naebody love me?

I am a loathsome piece of crap!

Nane None Ah'll huv nane o' yer cheek sonny.
Napper Head  
Nat King Cole Sex Any chance o' ma Nat King Cole the night?

Aye - nae chance.

Naw, Nae No  
Neane None  
Neb Nose or nosey person. Yer jist a wee neb so ye ur.
Ned A thug / Scottish version of chav (see Ned Speak) Wee Ned is a proper wee ned so he is.
Neebur Neighbour  
Neep Turnip Will we hae haggis, neeps and tatties fur Burns' night?

I had a stupid thought there for a moment but managed to shake it off - let's go for a Chinese Meal as we always do on Burns' night.


Neep Lantern

turnip lantern

Nick To steal / Prison Nick nicked my Nikes.
Nineteen-canteen Some indeterminate time in the past. Yer mither's still going strong.

Aye, she wiz born in nineteen canteen but can still run a marathon. She says it's her wee daily glass of stout thit keeps her fit.

Nip (eg Nip doon) Go Ah'll nip doon tae the pub fur a wee hauf.
Nippin Nagging Will ye stoap nippin ma lughole fur a minute.

Yes, yes - I will take the rubbish out . . . sometime.

Nippy sweetie An irritable sharp-tongued person (usually female). Yons a right wee nippy sweetie!

Oh - so ye've met ma wife then?

Nolly Naully Nollie Forth and Clyde Canal Ye cannae jail me fur kicking yer dug intae the Nollie - Ah'm ony ten.

Ha ha Mister - I kicked your dumb dog into the Forth and Clyde Canal and because of my age you are unable to seek retribution through the legal system.


Forth and Clyde Canal - looking towards Anniesland

Forth and Clyde Canal


Not Ah've told ye a hunner time already so Ah'm no' tellin' ye again.
Noggin Fight  
Noo Now (Also The Noo) Whit ur ye daein' the noo?

Ah'm no daein' nothin neither Ah um.

Nookie Sex  
Nooks and Crannies Crevices and cracks and secret places (the sort of place where you would hide your Playboy magazines - if you were that type of person)  
No-user or Nae-user A person who is lazy or likely to get into trouble. Dinae pal aboot wae Joe - he's a right nae-user.
Nowt  Nothing Ah'm huvin' nowt tae dae way Joe - he's a right nae-user.
Noqwat A brickie or laborour who works more than 20 minute in any hour. Yon big Polish noqwat is spoiling the joab fur us.

Damn - by actually doing some work that lad from Poland is making us look lazy.


Nude Ah hid ma nudey mags in a great wee nook and cranie.

I have placed my stash of Playboys in a place where my father and all my brothers also know very well.


Ex-Playboy Model (naked under all those clothes)

Nugget A piece of faeces or someone who isn't too clever  
Nugwatt * An evil person / Bully * A big nugwat chucked me in the nollie.

That evil wee girl Jean threw me in the canal.

Nuhin' The Glaswegian equivalent of nothing. Usually said in a long drawn out droll manner. Whit ur ye daein' Bobby?

Ach nuhin' maw.

Well gonnae stoap it - it's really getting oan ma tits.

Numptiejobby Person of dubious intelligence and/or character.  
Numpty Idiot

Numpty Dumpty

Numpty Dumpty sat oan a wall,
Numpty Dumpty hud a great fall.
It wisnae accident him being so high.

The stupid wee eejit wis trying to fly.

[Copyright Stuart Macfarlane]



Humpty was pushed . . .

humpty Numpty Dumpty

Numpty-heided Derogatory term.  
Nyaff Scruff / Irritating person. (For some reason all nyaffs seem to be small for the expression is usually 'wee nyaff') Thit wee nyaff keeps oan biting ma bum

Sorry - there is no legal translation of this phrase.


From A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

by Stuart McLean

Modern Scottish Proverbs

There are plenty more fish in the sea – unless you are impacted by regulation ‘Sea Fishing (Restriction on Days at Sea) (No.2) (Amendment) Order 2004’.

A lie travels round the glens while truth is putting his trousers on.

Do not blame God for having created the Ned, but thank Him for not having given the little bugger your daughter’s phone number.

A hand on ra burd is worth two on a bush.

If it wisnae for marriage, husband and wives would hae to fight with strangers.

Better late than pregnant.

The man who prizes his penis disnae let his wife play her bagpipes in bed.

Oh you tak' the high road and I'll tak the low road an' I'll hit the M8 road-works afore ye.

The word-processor is mightier than the sword.


A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

Scottish / Glaswegian Word List - click for more details:

Nae, Naw

Nae bother

Naebody or Naebdy



Nat King Cole

Naw, Nae








Nip (eg Nip doon)


Nippy sweetie

Nolly Naully Nollie





Nooks and Crannies

No-user or Nae-user












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