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 Glaswegian words beginning : L
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
Laddie Boy Hieland Laddie Lyrics

Whaur hae ye been a' the day, bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie
Whaur hae ye been sae lang away, my bonnie Hieland laddie
I've been seeking fortune's road, bonnie lassie, Hieland lassie
An' there's money at the whalin' so I've been told, my bonnie Hieland lassie

I sailed for the north in a Dundee whaler, bonnie lassie, Hieland lassie
I sailed for the north as a whalin' sailor, my bonnie Hieland lassie
But Greenland shores are grey and cold, bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie
There's plenty o' ice but not much gold, my bonnie Hieland laddie

When will you come back again, bonnie laddie, Hieland laddie
You an' a' the whaling men, my bonnie Hieland laddie
Well, I'll be glad when I get hame, bonnie lassie, Hieland lassie
And I'll gie up this whalin' game, my bonnie Hieland lassie


Laldie     / Laldy        A beating / Give it your best shot / Do it with enthusiasm

One tends to 'give it laldie' - after several whiskies it becomes much easier to  'give it laldie'

Gaun yersel', big yin. Gie it laldie. 

Go on Joseph make a complete arse of yourself with that karaoke machine.


Lamp To strike Ah'm gonnae lamp you ya big edgit.
Lang Long Lang may yer lum reek!
Wi' ither folks coal!

Long may your chimney smoke!
With other people's coal!

Lanny Lanliq - an ultra cheap fortified wine enjoyed by the gross by down-and-outs.  
Lassie Girl  
Lavvie / Lavvy Toilet  
Lavvy / Lavvie Toilet  


Hit with a belt / Beaten Partick Thistle goat leathered today!

Partick Thistle were beaten 7-1 by rivals Clydebank Football Club.

Lecky Electricity  
Lee Leave. Lee us alane big man.

Please refrain from knocking my head off with your gorilla like fists.

Lend of (a) To take advantage of / Make a fool of Ur you takin' a lend of me?

Would it be at all possible that you could be jesting with me good sir?

Length As far as / All the way along Ah walked awe the length awe Sauchiehall Street tae get this dress.

I shopped till I dropped but all I got was this crap dress.

Liftit Picked up by the police. Wee Tam (you will have noticed by now that everyone in Scotland is either Big or Wee - the words 'Average Alice' or 'Middle sized Malky' have never been uttered) was liftit by the police outside eh Woolies'.

Tam the Midget has been arrested by the police for stealing a plastic whistle from Woolworths - but of course by the time the case reaches court the charges will have been inflated to armed robbery.

FOOTNOTE: Woolies is an abbreviation of Woolworths - a store that all Scottish people have stolen from at least once in their childhood. It was opened in 1879 but had to close in 2009 because the government had robbed from the poor to bail out the banks.

Linn Waterfall.

Bonnington Linn, Corra Linn, Dundaff Linn are some of the falls on the River Clyde.

Scottish Mountain Waterfalls ( Linn )

Scottish Mountain Waterfalls

Links                         Sausages

Scottish Link Sausages

Scottish Link Sausages


Loast Lost  
Loch A lake with style

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

Loch Ness Monster A very large creature that inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Legend has it that the probability of seeing Nessie is directionally proportional to the number of whiskies drunk.

Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster

Loun / Loon A young boy.

(From the Doric dialect)

Are ye a loon or a quine?"

Are you a boy or a girl or a transvestite?


Loupin Throbbing with pain Ah don't ken why but ma heed's loupin.

I have no idea why I have such a bad headache - I'll just down another bottle of whisky and try to shake it off.

Loupin'                      Throbbing  
Lous'd Finished work  
Luckenbooth Luckenbooths were shops in Edinburgh, situated on the Royal Mile from St Giles' Cathedral down towards the Canongate. They were the city's first permanent shops that housed jewellery workers and other trades, dating from the 16th century.  
Luckenbooth Brooch A traditional Scottish Wedding brooch given to the bride by the groom on their wedding day, and subsequently pinned to the shawl of the first baby to protect it from evil spirits. It has intertwining hearts and topped with a crown.  
Lucky Bag Where Neds get wedding rings for their Nedettes.  
Lug Ear  
Lughole Ear  
Lum                           Chimney Lang may yer lum reek!
Wi' ither folks coal!

Long may your chimney smoke!
With other people's coal!

Lumber To 'get off' with a member of the other sex. ie make a new acquaintance which will hopefully lead to love (or at least a bit of nookie) Ah goat a lumber at Tiffany's last night.

I met a beautiful girl at the dancing last night and have arranged to take her to a movie on Saturday - mind you I was a bit drunk - I hope she's not a proper minger!


From Ned Speak

by Stuart McLean

passive verb
It would be foolish to think that Neds and Nedettes do not fall in love - for indeed they are driven by the same hormones as normal people. However, theirs is not the Romeo and Juliet type of love. Rather it’s the type that results in six weans, a messy divorce, and several court restraining orders.

collective noun
A shopping area where every self-respecting Ned has, on at least six occasions, been banned for shop lifting, pick pocketing, causing GBH or, more commonly, simply for existing.


Ned Speak - Learn  the lingo of the Scottish Ned

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Laldie     or Laldy       





Lavvie or Lavvy

Lavvy or Lavvie




Lend of (a)







Loch Ness Monster

Loun or Loon






Luckenbooth Brooch

Lucky Bag






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