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A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt - witty Scottish proverbs.

A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

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 Glaswegian words beginning : K
Glaswegian English Example and Translation
Kailyaird Back garden or vegetable patch  
KB'd To get knocked back  
Keech Excrement Whit's fur dinner maw?


dog poo

Keek                       Look / Spy on I like tae keek through ra windaes.  

I am a peeping Tom pervert.

Keek                       A jobby / or derogatory term for someone who looks like a jobby                         
Keeching  Shitting  
Keeker Black eye. Where'd ye get that keeper.

Oh aye - Ah walked intae a lamp post.

Keelie A derogatory term for a young working class male - though some use his full name William Johnstone (the only young Scot to actually have a job)  
Keep the heid Don't got annoyed or frightened Come oan wee man - keep the heid.

Okay, things look bleak, we've crashed the car and your leg is hanging off - but look on the bright side - with a bit of luck we could still be on time for the start of The Game.

Keepy uppy / Keepie uppy To keep the ball in the air by repetitively kicking or heading it.  
Ken                            To know Dae ye ken any words stertin' wae K?

Pass the dictionary.


Kerfuffle A commotion / fight  
Kerry oot A Carry Out / Cargo

Carry Out / Cargo
Neds buy all their shopping from the off-sales and cargo is their word for a ‘carry out’ or ‘Judas Iscariot’. A typical week’s cargo is 40 bags of crisps, 200 fags, 60 cans of lager and 10 bottles of Buckie. If money is really tight a Ned can survive without the crisps.
[From Ned Speak by Stuart McLean]

Diz embdy fancy a kerry oot?

Aye - Ah'll huv the redhead it the bottom.

Tennents Lager Lovelies sexy girls

[Footnote : Tennents Lager used to have sexy girls on their cans before it becace sexist for guys to fancy women.]

Kerpet Carpet / These are covering that can be seen on the floors of posh houses in some parts of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Elsewhere straw is more commonly used.

'Hey Magie whits that oan yer flair?'

'Thit's ma new kerpet so it is.'

'Kerpet? Kerpet? Whit's a kerpet.'

'Ye know - like curtains but fur the flair'

'JesusChrist Ah've never see that afore - and kin ye open them?'

Keys Call a truce. Mainly used in children's game - when someone says 'keys' he becomes immune from capture.

Ah'm keys.

Naw yer no'.

Aye Ah um.

Yer no.

Ah um.

Yer no.

Ah um.

Yer no.

Ah um.

Yer no.

Ah um.

Yer no.

Ah um.

Kleip To tell on someone Wee Jimmy klieped oan me fur no Daein'  ma hamework.

Absentmindedly I forgot to complete my homework and now Vertically Challenged James has informed on my Misdemeanour.

Kicking A severe beating. Your fur a kicking fur kicking ma ba'
Kiddin' Pretending / Making it up  
Kilt A pleated tartan skirt for me.

The kilt is the National Dress of the Scottish wedding.

Strangely the Scottish Gay community have rejected the kilt on the grounds that it's just far too camp.

Donald Bought a Kilt  by Stuart McLean

Oor Donald bought a kilt last week,
Och the lad’s no’ that bright,
For as soon as he put it on,
It gave the girls a fright.

Och it may all have been okay,
If he’d had it tailor made,
But he bought in frae, Poundstrechers,
And it’s too short I’m afraid.

Oor Donald’s nearly eight foot six,
For his age he’s awfy big,
And it’s more than the kilt thit swings,
When Donald does a jig.

Och Donald bought a kilt last week,
And he proved that he’s all male,
But he’ll no’ be wearin’ it for a while,
For they threw the lad in jail.
[ From No Rabbie Burns by Stuart McLean]



Rules for wearing a kilt:


a) It's okay to wear a short kilt if you are female:

short kilt sexy girl

b) It is not okay to get drunk and show what you're wearing under your kilt

man in short kilt

up kilt man scottish



c) You must never wear a dress and pretend its a kilt

tv man in drag


Kin Can Kin Ah huv a hudgie oan your bike.
Kinna ? Can I ? Kinna huv a wee kiss hen?

If I put my false teeth in will you give me a snog?

Kirk The Church  
Kirtle A medieval dress  
Kubla khan Can / Able to. Yer jist a wee hairy, you couldnae even get a man.

Aye Ah kubla khan get a man.


From No Rabbie Burns

by Stuart McLean

Beating Swords into Ploughshares

Beating swords into ploughshares,
Turning hate into love,
Weakness is your greatest strength,
Don’t let the hawk kill the dove.

Rory McBride wis only twelve,
Out fishing on the Clyde,
Something tugged upon his line,
And he very nearly died.
As he fell intae the watter,
He yelled oot words obscene,
Cos it isnae every single day,
That ye catch a submarine.

Drookit he sat upon the bank,
His body awe aquiver,
“Oh fuckin’ Hell,” he cried,
Whit’s that doin’ in oor river.”
For though he wis jist a lad,
He sensed it wisnae right,
Tae try an’ keep the peace wae,
A trillion ton o’ dynamite.

Rory found oot all aboot the subs,
Four cuckoo eggs inglorious,
Vessels of mass destruction,
Vanguard, Vigilant, Vengeance and Victorious.
Each wan wae fourteen nuclear missiles,
Havin’ eight warheids each,
All hoosed just a stones through frae,
Where he played upon the beach.

At eighteen Rory joined the camp,
That’s based doon at Faslane,
Livin’ rough in the carriage,
O a fifty year old train.
And so he joined the battle,
Tae huv Trident removed,
Takin’ part in protest marches,
Though not everyone approved.

Selflessly Rory fights the war for peace,
He’s been tae jail on many a time,
Though he’s never raised a fist in rage,
Loving humanity his only crime.
Noo twenty years he’s been there,
Despite threats and eviction orders,
For our quiet hero, willnae budge,
Till those subs have left oor borders.


No Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns Scottish Poet Books

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Keep the heid

Keepy uppy or Keepie uppy




Kerry oot








Kinna ?



Kubla khan


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